Meeting Minutes – Olde Riverside BIA

Tuesday, August 8, 2023 (9:00-10:30 a.m.)

Riviera Pizza & Spaghetti House 5760 Wyandotte St. E., Windsor, ON N8S 1M6

Attendees: Chris Ryan (Chair), Pete Mazza, Cathy Hendy, Laura Tucker, Councillor Jo-Anne Gignac, Olivia Ryan, Jack Quimby, and Jeremy Renaud

Regrets: Not applicable.

Absent: Yervant Lakhoian and Markiet Tuckett.

Special Note: Nicole Thompson was invited to the August meeting. Though not present at this meeting, her absence does not count as she has not been officially appointed to the board (as of yet).

1.​ Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Chris Ryan at 9:05 a.m.

2.​ Minutes of July: The minutes of Tuesday, July 11, 2023 were moved by Olivia and seconded by Cathy; carried in favour by the group.

3.​ Adoption of the Agenda: The agenda of Tuesday, August 8, 2023 was supported by consensus. Chris welcomed Jack Quimby from Ingenuity Counsel to the board meeting.

4.​ Committee Updates:

Policy & Advocacy:

  • No update from Chris at this time.
  • Coun. Gignac provided an update on the Windsor Business Improvement Area Advisory Committee (WBIAAC). A new system will be integrated to work with BIAs and coordinators. Coun. Gignac noted that the board of directors training will likely take place after summer vacation.


  • Chris to follow-up with coordinator re: Board Training during the early Fall.


  • Chris noted that the organization is in good shape and that KPMG is opening-up the BIAs audits. Coun. Gignac noted that the auditor general will be in touch with our group.
  • Jeremy noted that he met with Invest WindsorEssex and explored funding opportunities available.
  • Coun. Gignac noted that the BIA should reach out to the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Lastly, Chris asked the board to explore the opportunity to look at $500 top-up VISA card for business use.


  • Chris to follow-up with KPMG.
  • Jeremy to explore Invest WindsorEssex opportunity with membership and follow-up through a potential education session.
  • Jeremy to follow-up with the Chamber of Commerce to explore grants.
  • Jeremy to investigate the top-up VISA with Chris; will consult Markie.


  • The group noted that the meet and greet was a fantastic event, which surpassed the BIAs expectations.
  • Chris inquired to Jeremy where we were at with developing a BIA map showcasing our assets of poles, receptacle, etc.. Jeremy noted that we are on track.
  • Discussion arose on the Survey. Jeremy noted that Laura had generated one on Survey Monkey though the cost to distribute it would be upwards of $400 annually. Laura noted that she can simplify the questions to make it a free service.
  • Discussion then arose on It was great tool however would cost too much to be used going forward. The group decided to part with altogether and focus on projects as they arise.
  • Finally, discussion arose on Mailchimp as a way of reaching membership. It was noted through Coun. Gignac that we can reach out to other BIAs to identify cost-revenue sharing opportunities.


  • Jeremy to report on organizational map (BIA map showcasing assets).
  • Laura to simplify survey (located on Survey Monkey).
  • BIA to utilize Mailchimp; Jeremy to inquire to counterparts at other BIAs.


  • Laura reported on billboard advertising. BIA needs to develop a process for accepting ads. Laura noted that we can use cost-sharing advertising opportunities for the future. Coun. Gignac noted that perhaps other BIAs (ex. Pillette) may want to use this opportunity as well. Group consensus was supported by a theme to Shop Riverside. Laura also inquired if we can invoice Timber + Plumb.
  • Jeremy provided an update on the website. He noted that he was looking to provide a space on the site that enabled meeting minutes and for public consumption and agendas.
  • In terms of social media, Jeremy noted that we will create new Facebook page that can linked to Instagram (goal for October, 2023).
  • Marketing committee will review suggested cluster categories Riverside Shops, Riverside Eats, Riverside Retail, and Riverside Services.
  • Olivia reported that she looked into window decals with Curry Reprographics. Laura noted that decals are two-sided. Every business will get one.
  • Laura inquired about the marketing budget (expenditures year to date) for which Chris will provide an update.
  • Jack noted that Ed Cope will allow businesses in the community to utilize his signage board.
  • Pete noted that he wants to hang a banner up to promote the upcoming event.
  • Laura noted that the events committee will need to provide a marketing budget for upcoming events.


  • Jeremy to work Laura to invoice Markie (Timber + Plumb) for advertising
  • Jeremy to create social account; provide sign-in details to marketing committee
  • Jeremy to active new Facebook page and link Instagram (goal October, 2023)
  • Marketing Committee to review cluster branding ideas
  • Olivia to report back on decals (quotes)
  • Chris to advise Laura of marketing expenditures (year to date)
  • Jeremy to follow-up with Ed Cope to inquire about advertising opportunities on his electronic board
  • Events committee to determine marketing expenditures; and to share and advise marketing committee of requirements and/or request for support for upcoming projects.


  • Chris and the group noted to Cathy that there was high praise for Sherri St. Pierre for her beautification work to date. He also noted that the BIA has used $1,188 of the approved $2,200 budget to date.
  • Chris asked Coun. Gignac about a flower box at CIBC, which was damaged and whose responsibility it was to fix. She noted that it is the City who will fix this and their responsibility. She will have an individual contact Chris.


  • Coun. Gignac to put Chris in touch with an individual from the City regarding repair of the flower box at CIBC.


  • The group discussed the gratitude event in detail. After discussion and by consensus, it was simply changed to Fall Fest.
  • Olivia noted that by review and discussion with the group, the date of the event has now changed to Saturday, September 23, 2023.
  • The event will run from 10am through 11pm within the BIA. The parking lot by the pharmacy will be activated between 10am and 4pm. The lot by Riviera and the.dotte will activate between 3pm and 11pm. The night market at Thompson House; 4-11pm.
  • Chris inquired about right of way and permits. Coun. Gignac noted that he should call the coordinator and advise them of parking lot use but no closure of roads. She also noted that there is a special pricing now for BIAs that do the same events per year and to again ask the coordinator.
  • Olivia noted that she wanted to incorporate a few elements into the Fall Fest including use of BIA dollars, face painting.
  • Pumpkin painting was discussed (inclusive of a free pumpkin, cardboard, and paint brushes) for a cost. Thompson House could host up to 45 pumpkins for $125. Discussion arose on hay bales which will cost about $650. Chris noted that they can stored behind Riverside Pie Café. Laura noted that the Vanguard Youth Collective can support the event for a small charge if required and if in the event there is not enough business to create their own scarecrow, which became a top of discussion through which the group supported and enjoyed the idea. Local businesses could be invited to participate and to garner further support, the idea could be shared with particular Facebook groups to have residents participate in creating scarecrows.
  • On a separate but related discussion to the event was the banner project being spearheaded by Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 255. Chris inquired if (through the Legion) we can duplicate the veteran’s banners by bringing them into the stores at eye level through the creation on 11×17 posters that would be created at the BIAs cost.
  • Discussion then further arose on pole brackets where we would host a scarecrow competition; where one is adhered to each post for which the group support. Coun. Gignac noted that we will need permission to use the poles; and to call the coordinator who will determine if that will go through public works or engineering and to also notify Enwin.
  • Olivia noted that she will investigate pricing on tents and picnic tables as well. Chris advised that Thompson House has its own tent for their location. This tent could support pumpkin painting. Thompson House will look to have vendors at their event as well but the overall idea was to rotate opportunities along the BIA to keep things moving around on the day of the event. Pete noted that he will have cornhole to Dance Barre on-site but will require budget.
  • Chris noted to play within a $7,500 budget for Fall Fest.
  • Pete also noted that he would like to get into the BIAs storage unit to look at supplies.
  • As it relates to sponsorship. Chris noted that we can look into opportunities for sponsors to present items (ex. “brought to you by x”) to support and expand budget opportunities.
  • Olivia noted that the event committee will be having its next meeting on Tuesday, August 15, 2023 at Riverside Pie Café at 9:00 a.m.


  • Chris to investigate right of way permits through coordinator.
  • Events committee to source and review quotes on various projects ranging from picnic tables to Dance Barre but remain within a $7,500 budget.
  • Chris to investigate poster opportunity through Marty Flannagan.
  • Chris and Pete to explore the BIAs storage for assets.
  • Chris to inquire about opportunities to use poles to support Scarecrow ideas through the City and Enwin. Note: Marty Flannagan has contact at Enwin.
  • Group to explore sponsorship opportunities to support elements of the Fall Fest.

5.​ New Business

Appointment of Jack Quimby:

  • Discussion arose on support Jack’s endorsement from Ingenuity Counsel to join the Olde Riverside BIA board. It was moved unanimously and supported by consensus.

6.​ Next Meeting & Adjournment

  • The next meeting will take place at Riviera Pizza on Tuesday, September 12, 2023 at 9:00 a.m.
  • Motioned to adjourn the meeting was moved by at 10:22 a.m. that was seconded by Jack and Cathy. Carried in favour.