Depending on your business page there are two options to access it.

One it is a page that you can access from your profile, the other it is another profile altogether.



On the left you will see a heading called pages that you can click.

When you click that you will then see the pages you have the ability to use. You may only have one or you may have many. Select the page you want to work on.

If you have updated your page to the new pages experience then you can access it in the top right.

If you have multiple pages then you need to select the one you are going to be working on.


To access your planner you have to follow a few steps depending on the type of page you have.

For this method it is pretty simple as it will be on the left hand side.

For the new method you have to go through a few more hoops. 1st locate and click the Professional Dashboard.

Then click on the Facebook Business Suite.

The Planner will be on the left. Click that.


Once you are on the planner you will see it with a weeks schedule. Facebook will let you know when your followers are going to be on the most. If you have an instagram account linked to your facebook page it will also tell you when your followers are on the most for that as well. This changes week by week with the information they collect.

It’s easy to use, as you can select to schedule a post for that time. Or you can also select any day and set the time you want your post to show.

Once you click it you can make any changes you like for the day and time you want to post before you hit save.

If you have an instagram account linked to your page you can now select the placement of either facebook or instagram, or even both.

As an option you can add in a location of where the post is. For the most cases you probably will type in your business name and it should start to appear and you can select it.

Here you can add a photo or a video.  Keep in mind if you are using instagram as well you cannot use more than 10 photos at once.

You will also notice on the right that a preview will begin to appear, and you have the option to see what that preview will look like on facebook, on a phone for facebook, and on instagram.

After you upload a photo, take note of this icon here. It is for tagging products or people.

If you click on it and decide to use the tagging feature it will switch over to this view. Here you have the option to tag people or products. Note, products won’t work unless you have started to add products to your page.

When you click anywhere on the photo it is now going to allow you to tag. So for example you might want to click on a logo, or a person. Once you do that you can then start typing in what you are tagging and if there is an account or page for that it will start to search and find what you are trying to tag. Once you find it you can click on it and accept it.

As you can see here I have added a tag. To remove a tag if you messed up, just hover over it and you will see an x that you can click to remove it.

Here is where you write your description that you want to post. Once again you will see a preview of it on the right as you do it and can also see it on the various platforms.

You can type in hashtags to help when people are searching for things. Such as #Oldriverside or #yqg which is the hashtag used for Windsor. These work more for instagram than facebook, but it is always a good idea to add a few. Think of them like subjects for your post. Like #xmassale #holidayshopping #newshoes etc. Just remember you need to put the # in front of the word, and you can’t have any spaces.

Tagging people in the post is done by using the @ symbol. It is a good idea to make sure you know what the correct one is for who you are trying to tag. When you start to type @ and following it what you are trying to reach, options should appear. So if you were trying to tag me it would be @davidjacobduke.

Once you are finished you can hit schedule post.